Wednesday, November 16, 2011

New from Black Buzzard Press: IN FRAGILITY by Michael Graves

'In Fragility' by Michael Graves
by Michael Graves
Black Buzzard Press
ISBN 0-978-938872-47-8
Soft Cover, 86 pp.

Praise for In Fragility:

"Emotion recollected in fragility, these poems lucidly etch the power of darkness that endures, that returns. These poems are amazingly lucid, which gives them a paradoxical power."

--ROBERT VISCUSI, author of the novel Astoria (American Book Award winner) and of the poem "Ellis Island"

"This grave book deals with such volatile elements as alcohol, sexual frustration, and apostasy. The reader will watch fascinated as Mike Graves burns his fuse down to the stick of dynamite he holds in his hand, for these poems approximate a searing self¬murder note addressed to any reader strong enough to peruse it. Only a poet as skilled and knowledgeable as Graves could render raw and repressed emotion with such acute control of form and diction, such range of allusion. But reader beware: you are about to take your own life into your hands."


"To adapt a phrase from James Joyce, whom Graves is influenced by, In Fragility offers readers the curve of multiple emotions. While traversing sentiments of aloneness and aloofness, and both objective and introspective, these poems are at once bleak, menacing, disturbing and humorous. They bespeak a stark sobriety often in conflict with itself and, through the effective use of metaphor and the recurrent theme of alienation, achieve a narrative coherence."

--A. NICHOLAS FARGNOLI, Dean of Humanities, Molloy College, Rockville Centre, NY, and President of The James Joyce Society.

Title Poem:


Speak to her
In fervent prayer
And fevered need
With brimming heart,
Shaking like a poisoned cup
And soft, sick gut,
Of where you rose
From nothingness
To nascent consciousness,
Inheritor of world
And family legacy,
Consuming time
And fragile self
That can't connect
Although it grow
In pain, organically,
Enthused by hope
And every false approach
Fear and circumstance allow

About the Author:

MICHAEL GRAVES is the author of a full-length collection of poems, Adam and Cain (Black Buzzard, 2006) and two chapbooks, Illegal Border Crosser (Cervana Barva, 2008) and Outside St. Jude’s (R. E. M. Press, 1990). In Fragility from Black Buzzard Press is his second full-length collection.

In two thousand four (2004), he was the recipient of a grant of four thousand five hundred dollars ($4,500.00) from the Ludwig Vogelstein Foundation. He is the publisher of the small magazine PHOENIX. Many years ago, he was a student of James Wright and organized a conference on James Wright at Poets House in 2004. And he became a member of P.E.N. a couple of years ago.

In addition to leading a James Joyce Ulysses’ Reading Group, he has published thirteen (13) poems in the James Joyce Quarterly and read from them and others of his poems influenced by Joyce to a gathering of the Joyce Society at the Gotham Book Mart.

Watch Michael Graves on at, an in depth interview and a reading. (Credit: Poetry Thin Air)

Friday, November 11, 2011

Tonite 11/11/11: Book Party for Chocolate Waters' The Woman Who Wouldn't Shake Hands

come celebrate with us!

the woman who wouldn’t shake hands

and here's a cool trailer, w/audio

chocolate will be reading from her new collection

featuring Mark Larsen, Fran Witte and Chavisa Woods

with emcee/publisher Roxanne Hoffman

Manhattan Plaza, 400 W. 43rd St. (SW corner at 9th Ave.)
Ellington Room, 2nd Floor
Nov. 11, Friday @ 7:30 p.m.



Single copies will be on sale: $12.

Signed, numbered collectible edition plus bonus CD: $25.

If you’re unable to attend but would like a copy: A single copy is $12. + $3. postage.

Collectors’ edition is $25. postage free for U.S. orders (foreign add $5.) and includes a CD with six audio tracks plus an extra bonus track of a poem not in the book.

Paypal is the best ( or snail mail Chocolate Waters 
@ 415 West 44 St. Apt. 7 , NY, NY 10036-4440.

C/O Roxanne Hoffman
533 Bloomfield Street - 2nd Floor
Hoboken, NJ 07030

POETS WEAR PRADA is a small press based in Hoboken, New Jersey devoted to introducing new authors through limited edition, high- quality chaplets, primarily of poetry.

New press, great authors, a publisher who is one miracle short of sainthood.-Angelo Verga, Poetry Curator of The Cornelia Street Cafe

Poets Wear Prada is a poetry publishing house with excellent poets and affordable books with beautiful covers. Have you had your poetry today?-Meredith Sue Willis, Books for Readers

Stylistically, these beautifully designed and produced chaplets bear their own distinctive signature.-Linda Lerner, Small Press Review

Proud Member of CLMP

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

A Poem "All Hallows Eve" on The New Verse News.

Trick or Treat? A new poem "All Hallows Eve" appears in the online journal The New Verse News edited by James Penha (posted 10/31/2011). I hope you enjoy another abcedarian and a little bit of silliness to celebrate Halloween, and what would quite accurately describe the view from my window of the activities on Bloomfield Street in Hoboken New Jersey earlier this evening -- we had our annual Ragmuffin parade. Please follow the link, read the little ditty and show some love: