Friday, June 11, 2010

3 Poems to Appear in DARK EYE GLANCES, New Canandian Horror Journal

After a flurry of rejections, I just received notice of publication with contract from Dark Eye Glances, a new Canadian horror journal. 3 of my horror pieces, "I Scream at Dawn's Break," "Dare I," and "Persephone's Dream" have been accepted for the premiere issue and will be considered for the 2010 annual anthology. The editor, Garth Von Buchholz,  thanked me for my submission and actually complimented my writing! I'm especially, delighted since one of the poems is "Persephone's Dream," edited down to a sonnet from the original rondelet,  has been making the rounds since last summer!  Repackaging and persistance does pay off.  Here's the final successful result:

by Roxanne Hoffman

A dream haunts me —
Silent, stealth-like, Winter enters.
Spine — frozen ice — I cannot flee!
Spying me helpless, he ventures!

His breath glazes lakes to mirrors,
Turning crystal each bare limbed tree.
My cries, a snowflake’s kiss censures
Till soft white blankets cover me.

Passion’s pyre dispels my terrors.
Nights linger, day's glimmer slenders
Until love’s furnace melts me free,
Sweet sweated from ardor’s pleasures,
And with Spring’s thaw life renters,
And flaunts dream free.

You can read and hear me hear reading "Dare I" on a previous post:

To find out more about Dark Eye Glances and how to submit your own work please visit:

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