Wednesday, July 7, 2010

4 Poems in July Issue of Dark Gothic Resurrected Magazine Out Now

Dark Gothic Resurrected Summer Cover 2010

Four of my poems, "Once Bitten," "This Kiss," "Just a Little Bit of Hocus Pocus," and "Letting Him Go," appear in the July Issue of Dark Gothic Resurrected out now.  The issue is available in both print and e-book (pdf download) formats from, fairly priced at $10 and $5 respectively. To order your copy visit . For more information about the magazine and their submission policy, please visit:

The 172-page perfect bound 8.5" × 11" magazine is chock full of dark delicious goodies.  Kudos to Publisher and Editor Cinsearae Santiago.

Authors in this issue: Sana Riaz, Christopher Newman, Matthew Piskun, Daniel Fabiani, Nora Weston, Nigel Holt, Mike Florian, Michelle Willis, Peter Baltensperger, Roxanne Hoffman, Alec Kowalczyk, Gary Bewick Raven, Garrison R. Emmet, Corvis Nocturnum, Brian J. Smith, Tony Svaldi, David Perlmutter, Lanie Shanzyra Rebancos, Michael Upshaw, Anton Glascow, Rebecca Sarte, Rocky Caldwell, David Renfrow, Michael Garza, Luke Campen.

Interviews with: Suzanne Rock, Paige Leroy, Jade Perez, Anthony Beal, Calvin Miller II, Tony Paul deVissage, Clown Corpse, and John Neumeister.

The V Files spotlights Kiefer Sutherland.

The Batty Bookshelf contains the latest releases by Bryl R. Tine, John B. Rosenman, Teel James Glenn, Brain L. Porter, Cate Masters, D.M. Slate, Yolanda Sfetsos, Samuel King, Christy Poff, Lisa Lane, and Margaret Marr!

Book/Music Reviews of: Unholy Embrace by Neil Benson, Whitechapel Road by Wayne Mallows, Eden's Hell by Dawne Dominique, Het Madden by Calvin Miller II, Audio Zombie Vol. #1, Orchestra of the Dead, and The Zombie’s Playground by Audio Zombie Sound, and Dark God Descending by Tony Paul deVissage.

Dark Gothic Resurrected Magazine
Publisher and Editor: Cinsearae Santiago

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