Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Update from David Morneau on the Love Songs Project

Will Shakespeare

Hi everyone,

I'm writing to give you a quick update on Love Songs Project. Things are beginning to move quickly now, and I'm excited about how it's going.

First of all, the first track is almost finished. You can hear it here: http://5of4.com/love_songs/sounds.html  It features Patricia Carragon's "The Corneal Gates" and Sonnet no. 56. The performance is by soprano Mary Hubbell. She's great and will be recording one more song for me, as well as performing more songs too.

Second, as I mentioned before, I've been honored to be the composer-in-residence for Alphabet Soup Productions this season. I will be presenting 2-3 songs on each of their concerts so that by the end of the season all 11 songs will have received a performance. The first concert is on Wednesday, December 8, at the Tank. I'll send more details as it gets closer. For that concert, I will be presenting "Behind Corneal Gates" (on Patricia Carragon's "The Corneal Gates" and Sonnet no.56), "Music In Me" (on Susan Maurer's "Music" and Sonnet no.8) and "Now I Love You Best" (on Roxanne Hoffman's "Many Have Asked How We Stay Together" and Sonnet no.115)

Finally, I want to again encourage you to promote and share this project with you friends and fans. Together we can make this a big success for all involved. Several of you have been so kind as to make a financial contribution, which is most welcome. However, there is still a long way to go. Please take a moment to forward the project site to your lists and ask them to consider supporting our work as well.

Thanks so much,
David Morneau


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