Wednesday, November 3, 2010

SKIVE Nov 2010 Americana Now Available on LULU!

I just got the good word from SKIVE Magazine Editor Matthew Ward that the November 2010 "Americana" issue is in print and now available on LULU (please see my note about November LULU coupon codes at the end of this post):


The printed November 2010, "Americana" issue of Skive is now for sale

260 pages, perfect bound.

Only $14.95*

Secure site where you can use your credit / debit card or PayPal



Also, you can join up to the free Skive Facebook group to get the latest in Skive news. See link below


Matthew Ward
Skive Magazine
Facebook Group:

* Enter these verified coupon codes at the checkout on your LULU book purchases this month:

Save 20% on book orders (Save up to $10) with NOVEMBOOK (Expires: 11/30/2010)
Save 10% with TURKEY through November 30, 2010 and help your favorite author win this month's sales contest.

Each coupon can only be used once and cannot not be used in combination with any other coupon. LULU may pull the plug on these at anytime.
Hey, you can use these on all LULU books except your own titles!
Read my poem "Once Was A Banker" in the November 2010 "Americana" issue of SKIVE MAGAZINE!

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