Monday, March 12, 2012

Mon 3/12: Peter Chelnik's Go-Cat-Go! Poetry Event 6:45pm Gracie's Corner Diner in Yorkville

Good News From Roxanne: A Reading Tonite in NYC & Publication Announcements!

March 12, 2009

Dear Friends,

I am reading tonight at Peter Chelnik's Go-Cat-Go! Poetry Reading & Open Mic tonight, Monday March 12th, in Yorkville. Peter is responsible for getting me to read my work in public. In 2003 I went to hear him read at The Back Fence at Dee Anne Gorman's invitation. I had never met him before. There was this big burly all-American guy at the mic wearing his trademark Pendleton plaid wool shirt, baseball cap, glasses, mustache. reading list poems and what lists he read. It sounded like jazz rants. No music. But he was making music with his words.And his words were filled with American people and American scenes. big and real just like him. He was terrific. Then after the reading broke up Bridgid Murnaham, the host and waitress, dragged Dee and me on to the stage to read from our notebooks while Peter , his brother and nephew cheered us on. So its my greatest pleasure to announce that I will be reading with Peter at his new venue tonight.

My birthday was last Friday March 9th so this also a be-late b-day party for me!

Here are the details regarding tonights reading:

Monday, March 12
6:45 pm
Peter Chelnik's GO-CAT-GO!
w. Roxanne Hoffman
Gracie’s Corner Diner
352 E 86th St
(between 1st Ave & 2nd Ave)
New York, NY 10028
Neighborhoods: Yorkville, Upper East Side
(212) 737-8505

FREE! Open Mic for Poetry
your food/beverage purchase helps support the venue

My work has been accepted for publication in two forthcoming anthologies:

Paws, Claws, Wings and Things: Poetry For and About Pets
(Local Gems Poetry Press, 2012), eds. Jillian Roath, Erica DeAngelo

The Waiting Room Reader: Stories to Keep you Company
(CavanKerry, 2013), ed. Rachel Hadas


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